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Larry is real. One Direction are perfection. That is all.
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Hi guys! So I’ve decided that i’m going to deactivate this blog soon. :( If you want to talk to me though, I have a main blog that I’m keeping active. You can find me at pickitupsexy if you still want to keep in touch (: I’ll keep this blog open for about a week more, just so people see this post, and I’ll reblog it every day or something. I love you guys (:

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what happened today, probably
louis: hey harry
harry: yes lou
louis: i hate your boots
louis: and the goddamned bandanas fuck
louis: the fact i almost chocked on your hair the other day
louis: i dont understand your twitter
louis: you fart when you sleep
louis: you have bad breath in the morning
louis: and
louis: i dont really like the way you cook eggs ok
louis: APRIL FOOLS!!! haha caught you haha
harry: hey louis
louis: yes harry
harry: you can't top for shit
harry: april fools
a couple of hours later
liam: *opens door*
liam: oh hi-
harry: can i stay here tonight
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Now kiss me you fool. (4 years later)

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my number one piece of advice is drink water and stay hydrated. we are made out of water. everything in us is made of water. and u are sitting there drinking a diet coke tellin me that’s all you’ve had to drink today. please get up and drink some water. for the love of god.

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what it looks like to be in love with your best friend


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when you sit attentively in class but you dont understand a thing the teacher is saying


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Hello friends! I’m really close to my goal on my other blog, so would you mind following it please? Its pickitupsexy . Thank you! (:

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"They’re like, 12"
The correct way to refer to anyone younger than you (via assguard)
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Hahaha, I know this will sound dumb, but pregnant!Harry took over me, so I googled male pregnancy, and did you know that Ben Winston is son of Robert Winston, one of the biggest, scientifics in London, and that said man believes that "male pregnancy would certainly be possible by having an embryo implanted in a man’s abdomen"

Just saying man…




I swear this is a thing (X)

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